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Welcome to the Chamberlain University Scholarship

Chamberlain University was founded in St. Louis in 1889 to address local healthcare needs. Today Chamberlain provides nursing education to meet the needs of communities across the country. Our educational experience is distinguished by academic excellence, innovation, integrity and world class service. We are committed to graduating compassionate, ethical and knowledgeable nurse leaders who are empowered to transform healthcare.

Chamberlain University Scholarship is part of the Empower Scholarship Fund, which has been established to keep education within reach by providing financial support in the form of scholarships to its students. The Scholarship Fund is a nonprofit organization that operates in concert with, but as a separate entity from the institutions.

Some students may struggle to find the necessary funds to advance their education. The Scholarship Fund strives to be part of the solution to bridge this financial gap by assisting students in defraying the cost of attending school.

Scholarship Offerings

Chamberlain University Scholarship — East Region

15 Awards of $1,500

Chamberlain University Scholarship — North Region

65 Awards of $1,500

Chamberlain University Scholarship — South Region

35 Awards of $1,500

Chamberlain University Scholarship — West Region

28 Awards of $1,500

Chamberlain University Scholarship — Global Health Education

10 Awards of $1,500

Chamberlain University Scholarship — RN-BSN Online Students Only

42 Awards of $1,500

Dr. Connie Curran Memorial Scholarship

7 Awards of $1,500

Kathleen Modene Memorial Scholarship

2 Awards of $1,500

John Rosselli Memorial Scholarship

1 Award of $1,500