Fall 2021 Empower Scholars

American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine
Chamberlain University
Ross University School of Medicine
Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine Scholarship Recipients

Picture of Clifford Davis
AUC Empower Ambassador Scholarship
Clifford Davis

Thank you, SO MUCH, for honoring me with this award.  It truly means the world to me.  I have endured much in the pursuit of this dream.  This award pushes me one step closer.  This journey has been incredibly difficult, but your faith in me is encouraging.  Thank you, again, for this award.

American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine Scholarship

Eunice Adebayo
Ashley Green
Brandon Kimbrough

Chamberlain University Scholarship Recipients

Picture of Leronda Curry
Chamberlain Empower Ambassador Scholarship
Leronda Curry

Words cannot describe how happy I am to be a recipient of this amazing award.  Receiving this award is such a blessing to me and my family.  It provides me the opportunity to continue my pursuit of becoming the nurse I've always aspired to be without the burden of wondering how I would be able to afford it.  Thanks to this award, my goal of becoming a nurse feels a little closer now.  

Picture of Rachel Moore
Chamberlain Empower Ambassador Scholarship
Rachel Moore

I want to say how appreciative and thankful I am to those selecting me as a recipient and giving back to students who are working towards a degree in nursing.  Nursing school is no walk in the park and being awarded a scholarship to aid in the progress towards the degree is a stress relief and always needed.  Thank you so much!

Picture of Umu Bayoh
Chamberlain Equality in Education Scholarship
Umu Bayoh

As I type this note, I am in tears.  Tears of joy for receiving this award - the best thing that has happened to me in a long time.  Being a single mom, working full-time and going to school simultaneously is challenging.  I am mostly sleep-deprived because I work overtime to pay my tuition balance and still try to make ends meet.  Receiving this award has motivated me to study even harder and not give up on my dreams.  It has given me hope - hope that I will finish my nursing school and live my passion.

Picture of Natalee Cooper
Chamberlain Equality in Education Scholarship
Natalee Cooper

This award is golden!  Finally, I do not have to worry about how my tuition will be paid.  I can go to school, focus on my education and not have to worry about financial obligations for my upcoming session.  This is a student's dream.  Thank you very much for putting me in the position to experience that!

Picture of Nicole Miller
Chamberlain Equality in Education Scholarship
Nicole Miller

Receiving this award means I can continue to pursue my dream of continuing and completing nursing school.  Words can't explain how grateful and blessed I feel.  My maternal grandmother, she's my inspiration.  I come from a long family of nurses, so it's safe to say it's in my DNA.  Thank you for your generosity!

Picture of Khadijah Mitchell
Chamberlain University Equality in Education Scholarship
Khadijah Mitchell

This award means being heard and seen in a time when so many need help and feel overlooked.  I am very thankful beyond acceptance.  This is my first scholarship in my collegiate history and it will be remembered.  I do feel empowered.  Thank you for seeking good and finding it.  

Chamberlain University Equality in Education Scholarship
Marjorie Valle

Receiving this award will help me a lot financially!  I am a single mom of a son with autism.  I decided to further my education so that I could be in a better place financially to provide for all his needs.  For me, nursing is the only career.  After graduation, I want to continue working as a clinical educator and I have a 5-10 year plan to teach full-time.  Nursing education is my passion.  Thank you so much!

Picture of Linda Harris
Susan Groenwald Nursing Leadership Scholarship
Linda Harris

Receiving this award means so much to me.  I am a single parent of 2 children and this takes some of the financial burden off of my shoulders, especially with it being the holiday season.  It feels really good to know the University I chose not only has so many resources to help it's students succeed in this program, but they offer scholarships as well.  Winning this award makes me want to push even harder.  I am so appreciative and thankful!

Picture of Jasmine Hodges
Susan Groenwald Nursing Leadership Scholarship
Jasmine Hodge

As a full-time EMT, a full-time nursing student and being new to an unfamiliar city, my biggest fear of continuing my education was finding a way to fund it.  The Susan Groenwald Nursing Leadership Scholarship is allowing me to continue my studies.  Your award positively impacts my education by lightening the financial burden, allowing me to keep focus on learning.  Your generosity is truly a blessing!

Picture of Beda Khanal
Susan Groenwald Nursing Leadership Scholarship
Beda Khanal

I'd like to express my heartfelt gratitude and thank you for your generosity in awarding me this scholarship.  I am overjoyed and grateful to have been chosen.  Following graduation I would like to work as an extraordinary nurse and I'm one step closer to achieving that goal.  You have relieved my financial burden with this scholarship, allowing me to focus more on the most essential component of school: studying.  Your kindness has motivated me to help others and contribute to the community.

Picture of Tarik Musleh
Susan Groenwald Nursing Leadership Scholarship
Tarik Musleh

This award means the world to me as it takes a burden off my shoulders so I may further my education without financial issues.  I chose this career path because it was always my dream to help others and prove I am worth enough to create an impact to those who need a helping hand.  After graduation I plan on joining a CRNA program to expand my education and continue helping others.  Thank you very, very much!

Susan Groenwald Nursing Leadership Scholarship

Jasmine Salgado
Dominique Wilford

Picture of Kelli Topps
Michelle & Kelly Pearce Nursing Scholarship
Kelli Topps

I chose this career path because I genuinely love caring for and helping others.  Nurses have truly made an impact on those in my family and I want to provide that same love and compassion that was given to my family to other families.  I work full-time weekend/nights, am a wife and mother of two young girls and for the past year have been a full-time student.  My life has been very chaotic and stressful.  Paying my tuition is something I think about everyday because it's a constant struggle.  I just want to thank you for choosing me, recognizing me and allowing me to continue on this BSN journey.

Picture of Jessica Gonzalez
John-John, Big C & Jacko-Bug Nursing Scholarship
Jessica Gonzalez

Thank you so much for awarding me this scholarship.  This award will help me by giving me some relief and not having to worry about lack of finances for this session.  With this scholarship I can now focus on my studies and move forward as a student nurse.  Thank you again!

Picture of Llona Ervin Gonzalez
John-John, Big C & Jacko-Bug Nursing Scholarship
Llona Ervin Gonzalez

Thank you for making this award possible.  Thank you for caring about the future of nursing, and people with disabilities.  Thank you for giving students like myself an opportunity to lighten the load in the pursuit of a nursing degree.  You have been a blessing in my life.  There is not enough love, compassion or kindness in the world.  People who take the time and make a sincere effort to positively influence the world we live in are invaluable.  I pray the act itself is contagious.  Thank you!

Picture of Jaszmine Jones
John-John, Big C & Jacko-Bug Nursing Scholarship
Jaszmine Jones

This gift helps me so much.  I am a single mom with a special needs child and I am putting myself through this program.  At times it has been tough financially.  This gift not only helps me financially, but it is an encouragement because being selected tells me that other people see potential and drive in me and want me to succeed.  Emotionally and mentally that pushes me to keep going.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  Words cannot express how grateful I am for this.  Blessings to all!

Picture of Latasha Stevens
John-John, Big C & Jacko-Bug Nursing Scholarship
Latasha Stevens

This award means the world to me.  I have lost my brother and father recently and the pain is unbearable.  They both pushed me to continue my studies and to never let anything stop me from achieving that goal.  Tuition is very expensive and this scholarship will help me to continue to focus on my studies.  Thank you for believing in me.

John-John, Big C & Jacko-Bug Nursing Scholarship

Carrie Farmer-Jowosimi

Tuition Options Nursing Scholarship

Joy Okeze

Chamberlain University Scholarship

Denise Bagby
Amanda Brock
Atoya Bryant
Junel Dekker
Rachaell Holloway
Grace Kpannah
Renuka Rai
Andrea Talbert
Carmen Vazquez
Quizena Walker

Chamberlain Empower Ambassador Scholarship

Abie Conteh

Ross University School of Medicine Scholarship Recipients

Picture of Kaylee Watson
RUSM Empower Ambassador Scholarship
Kaylee Watson

In order to be a physician, a multitude of sacrifices must be made.  Time with family may be cut short, years of students young lives are chipped away, sleep and sanity may be scarce and self-care may take a back seat at times.  In addition to the sacrifices made, a steep financial debt must be paid.  Scholarships like this lessen the financial stress, but also make me feel heard and validated.  I know I'm making the right decisions in my journey in medicine.

Ross University School of Medicine Scholarship

Tonya Jackson
Christopher Stucky
Stephanie Summers

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine Scholarship Recipients

Picture of Christy Daugherty
RUSVM Empower Ambassador Scholarship
Christy Daugherty

Receiving this award is extremely encouraging and validating to me.  It proves to me that my hard work really can pay off and that the time, energy, and thought that I put into fulfilling the scholarship requirements was all worth it.  I feel overjoyed and grateful for this moment.  Calling my mom and telling her that I won a scholarship made me feel so proud because I know she has been doing everything she can to keep my student debt low.  

Picture of Aubryana Nagora
Blue Buffalo Foundation Joyce Novotny Memorial Scholarship
Aubryana Nagora

I am extremely grateful to have been selected for this scholarship!  Thanks to your generous support, I feel that I am one step closer to achieving my lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian.  This award is very meaningful, not only financially, but emotionally as well, as it has strengthened my confidence as an aspiring professional.  Thank you so much for your support and in helping me achieve my dreams!

Picture of Nicole Schott
Ruby Lou Top Dog Scholarship
Nicole Schott

My goal is to improve the function and quality of life for animals by using my knowledge from undergraduate school studying biomedical engineering and applying what I've learned in veterinary medicine by creating prosthetics and other medical devices.  Becoming a veterinarian and incorporating rehabilitation has always been a dream of mine.  Thank you so much to all the generous donors!  I'm am so humbled and grateful for being selected.

Picture of Tyler Oxley
RUSVM Alumni Action Council Scholarship
Tyler Oxley

I chose this career path because I love helping animals and there is no better way to help than by being a veterinarian and giving back.  Post graduation I plan to join a mixed animal practice in Plano, Texas, and give back to the local 4-H and FFA chapters and help grow the next generation of producers in the country.  Thank you so much to the alumni for choosing me to represent all of you.  Maintaining my Rossie pride is something I hold very close as this university has given me everything and I want to continue to give back to the community.

Picture of Danielle Bell
Dr. John Coyne Veterinary Scholarship
Danielle Bell

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for selecting me for this scholarship award.  Your generosity does not go unnoticed and this gesture not only affects me financially, but mentally as well.  After 8 semesters of veterinary school, being selected for this award reminds me that all the hard work, time and dedication I have endured to get where I am today is recognized. 

Picture of Sophia Byrd
Dr. John Coyne Veterinary Scholarship
Sophia Byrd

Receiving this award is truly a gift.  I am so grateful for Dr. Coyne and his dedication to students.  Receiving this award will allow me to further my education by diminishing some of the stress I have concerning student debt.  This will help me allocate my funds for my clinical year to expand my knowledge and skills set.

Picture of Jessica Kaydk
Dr. Jeremy Buishas Veterinary Scholarship
Jessica Kadyk

I chose a career of veterinary medicine to have a fulfilling life of helping animals.  It has been my dream to become a veterinarian since I was a child.  Working with animals and experienced veterinarians has reinforced my decision over the years.  After graduation, I plan to commission as an officer in the Army Veterinary Corps and use my education to help animals around the world.

Picture of Shelby Ragan
Dr. Jeremy Buishas Veterinary Scholarship
Shelby Ragan

Veterinary medicine has always been my calling.  I was always asking my mother to drop me off at the local vet clinic after school so I could observe.  My mother fully supported my love for animals throughout her life, I was blessed to have just about every species you can think of growing up.  Since my mother's passing, I have done everything in my power to make her proud and continue pursing this pathway.  I am humbled and very grateful to receive this scholarship.

Picture of Claire Alves
The Pet Experts Veterinary Scholarship
Claire Alves

I am so incredibly honored by this award.  I know there are always a lot of qualified students applying, so to be chosen means a lot to me.  It makes me feel that my hard work is really paying off.  This award will positively impact my education going forward by allowing me to purchase new and necessary equipment and technology to better enhance my career.  Animals are very special to me and to be able to care for them is such a dream come true.  Thank you very much!

Picture of Kristen Finger
The Pet Experts Veterinary Scholarship
Kristen Finger

I am so appreciative and thankful to have been selected to receive The Pet Experts Veterinary Scholarship.  I will be entering into my clinical year at the University of Illinois and I aspire to eventually specialize in marine mammal medicine.  I am hoping to match for a residency program soon after graduating with my DVM.  The scholarship will truly allow me to maintain my focus on my studies.  I cannot express my gratitude enough for your support as I chase my dreams.

Picture of Nevada Gehman
The Pet Experts Veterinary Scholarship & Howard Design Group Veterinary Scholarship
Nevada Gehman

I am honored to be the recipient of this award.  This scholarship relieves a significant amount of financial pressure for me next semester as I am solely responsible for paying for my education.  This award allows me to focus more on my studies instead of having to worry how I'm going to pay for tuition and books.  I now can continue as a full-time student and get one step closer to achieving my academic goals.