Spring 2021 Empower Scholars

American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine
Chamberlain University
Ross University School of Medicine
Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine Scholarship Recipients

Picture of Clifford Davis
Dr. Karl Stockhausen Memorial Scholarship
Clifford Davis

Thank you so much.  Seriously.  Because of the unique nature of my medical education journey, finding enough money to pay for school has been one of the most challenging things I have ever done.  This scholarship puts me one step closer.  Not only closer to paying for school, but one step closer to being in a position to help ease the suffering of others, and do some real GOOD in this world.  That means more to me than I will ever be able to properly express.  Again, thank you SO much!

Picture of Ammary Jackson
Dr. Karl Stockhausen Memorial Scholarship
Ammary Jackson

It is an honor to be selected as a recipient of the Dr. Karl Stockhausen Memorial Scholarship.  Dr. Stockhausen exemplified what we should all strive to be as future physicians, as he dedicated his life to the betterment and healing of communities around the world.  My sincere gratitude to his family for sharing his story with the AUC community and continuing to provide this scholarship opportunity to help others fulfill their dreams of becoming physicians.

Picture of Kollin Kahler
Dr. Karl Stockhausen Memorial Scholarship
Kollin Kahler

Receiving the Dr. Karl Stockhausen Memorial Scholarship is a huge honor.  The financial component will help ease the financial burden of medical school, but the name of the award means the most.  Dr. Karl Stockhausen was an impactful physician full of passion for others.  I try to have the same attitude as I trek through my medical education.  I am thankful his legacy live on to set an example of what we, as future physicians, are called to be.

Picture of Bushra Shehzad
AUC Howard Design Group Scholarship
Bushra Shehzad

I am currently in my final semester of Basic Sciences at AUC School of Medicine.  It is a stressful time as we are all preparing for the CBSE and USMLE exams.  Your support and acknowledgement are truly appreciated.  Your kindness has instilled and renewed my perseverance to strive towards my goals and inspired me to continue giving back to my community.  I hope one day I can help other students achieve their goals the way you have helped me.

American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine Scholarship

Claire Barber
Madison Blunt
Sidhesh Mohak
Jacqueline Nicholas 
Napolon Pellumbi

Ngowari Pokima
Jade Punzalan
Pasha Shenasan
Daniella Vivar

Chamberlain University Scholarship Recipients

Picture of Haley Van
Aloha Daniel White Scholarship
Haley Van

I am grateful and honored to receive this award.  As a student who is continuing my education, I have struggled to find financial support.  Receiving this scholarship will help immensely in funding my education, allowing me to invest more time and energy into succeeding in my nursing program.  I am so thankful for this support in my journey to become a nurse.

Picture of Tyra Allen
Chamberlain University Step Forward Scholarship
Tyra Allen

I chose the career path I am on because a few times in my life I was the patient on the other side.  I've seen firsthand the impact of what quality healthcare can do.  I want to be that nurse that helps my patient not only physically, but mentally with their healthcare needs.  While nursing is my biggest passion, my biggest fear was financially being able to afford my program.  With your help, I am one step closer to my goal.  Thank you for believing in me with such an opportunity.

Picture of Lyla Bryan
Chamberlain University Step Forward Scholarship
Lyla Bryan

After twenty years, I have finally chosen to follow my childhood dream and become a nurse.  I would love to be given the privileged opportunity to serve others in a nursing capacity.  I am in tears as I write this.  Worrying about paying for my nursing program always seems to be on my mind.  I can breathe a sigh of relief because of the scholarship that you graciously awarded me.  This allows me to worry less and focus more on my studies, and for that I am very grateful.  Thank you so very much.

Picture of Leronda Curry
Julie A. McAfooes Memorial Scholarship
Leronda Curry

This award is so amazing and I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to apply.  I am a single parent who decided to chase a once forgotten dream.  Thank you so very much.  This is truly a blessing.

Picture of Lorin Lee
Kathleen Modene Memorial Scholarship
Lorin Lee

This award means the world to me.  I work full time, am a full time nursing student and am in the toughest financial situation of my life to try to keep myself afloat.  This scholarship takes a huge burden off my shoulders.  It also encourages me that there is hope in tough times and that there are people who root for you, even from afar.  Thank you so incredibly much!

Chamberlain University Scholarship

Laura Agupusi
Olubunmi Agunbiade
Ogochukwu Ajulufoh
Mohammed Alhamwi
Aisha Ali
Tracy Alvarez
Amber Battaglia
Michael Broome
Angelina Camacho
Ashely Comfort
Abie Conteh
Summer Cook
Sumiya Culler
Rileigh Daly
Shane Davis
Joy Duru

Freya Joy Eclar
Joe-Etta Flomo
Derek Gibson
Alyssa Gotgotao
Shaakira Hill
Shanika Jones
Charay Jordan
Rachel Moore
Ouliath Nichols
Isabella Orteza
Rani Patel
Michelle Ramsaroop
Nallanie Ramsarran
Firdous Rashid
Shawn Sadiq

Sabrina Santore
Tanya Sedwick-Yates
AnnMarie Shubert
Alandra Starks
Alyson Stewart
April Tallent
Christian Taylor
Ariana Tolbert
Shequina Trotman
Kayla Whiteside
Brittany Wilkins
Mackenzie Williams
Kendall Wolfe
Lisa Wood
Latoya Zambezi


Ross University School of Medicine Scholarship Recipients

Picture of Gloria Elekwa
Ascend Learning Ross University School of Medicine Scholarship
Gloria Elekwa

Thank you so much for your contribution to my success.  Receiving this award goes a long way to assist financially in the pursuit of my goal to be a pediatrician.  I am honored and grateful to focus more on my studies and less on financial concerns.  Thank you again.

Picture of Lauren Harkins
Ascend Learning Ross University School of Medicine Scholarship
Lauren Harkins

Sometimes when I'm buried deep in studying and just trying to survive to the next phase of my education, I can't see the forest for the trees and get discouraged.  Especially after switching to home study during the pandemic, it just felt like I was running in place for 14 months.  Receiving this award is a nice reminder to take a step back and look at how much I have grown.  It has encouraged me to keep striving to achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a physician.

Picture of Austin Lutringer
Ascend Learning Ross University School of Medicine Scholarship
Austin Lutringer

I am very grateful to be chosen as a recipient for this award.  Receiving this award has provided me with a sense of validation for all my hard work and commitment and I am excited to continue to further my medical education.  This award not only helps me financially with my tuition, but has provided me with encouragement to keep moving forward in what has been an unforgettable past year and a half.

Picture of Ria Patel
Ascend Learning Ross Medicine School of Medicine Scholarship
Ria Patel

I am so honored to be an Empower Scholarship Award recipient.  This scholarship serves as motivation and confirmation that I am on the right path.  I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Ascend Learning for providing this opportunity to students like me.  I am sincerely grateful for your support and will do my best to put this award to good use by excelling academically and professionally.  Thanks for your generosity!

Picture of Kaylee Watson
RUSM Howard Design Group Scholarship
Kaylee Watson

Thank you so much, Howard Design Group!  It is through your kindness and generosity that I am able to continue with my pursuit of medicine with less financial burdens.  This will allow me to focus even more on my studies, and will ultimately make me a better physician for my future patients!  Thank you for caring about the future doctors of the world.

Ross University School of Medicine Scholarship

Ramzi Abbasi
Anthonia Adeniji
Romina Nomigolzar
Angelina Piryani
Delia Rios

Bhavna Sharma
Vishwajit Tuchscherer
Moon Usman
Stephen Varga
Mirna Yacoub

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine Scholarship Recipients

Picture of Jessica Kaydk
Dr. Lanse T. Fox Memorial Scholarship
Jessica Kaydk

I am honored to receive the Dr. Lanse T. Fox Memorial Scholarship.  Receiving this award has given me more determination and confidence that I will use to pursue my education.  I have loved animals since I was a child and have always had a strong desire for the knowledge that would allow me to help them.  My goals after graduation are to become a large animal veterinarian and commission as an officer in the Army Veterinary Corps.

Picture of Kristen Giannantonio
Dr. Michael Zareski Memorial Scholarship
Kristen Giannantonio

Receiving this award means so much to me.  Dr. Zareski was not only a great veterinarian, but also a fellow Ross graduate.  It is an honor to be awarded this scholarship.  His work will always live on through the Ross community.

Picture of Suji Kim
Dr. Michael Buedel Veterinary Scholarship
Suji Kim

I am so grateful to be awarded this scholarship, especially at a time when I am going to begin a lab heavy section of my education.  You have made me feel seen and acknowledged with this award and I can't thank you enough.

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine Scholarship

Christy Daugherty
Nicki Doan
Kristen Finger
Brittany Miller
Melissa Murphy

Tyler Oxley
Lauren Sarmiento
Abbie St. Pierre
Christopher Versch