American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine Scholarship Recipients

Picture of Nicole Handloser
Dr. Karl Stockhausen Memorial Scholarship
Nicole Handloser

Wow.  I have no words.  I am beyond grateful for this scholarship.  As someone who does not come from much financial support, I have resorted to putting my tuition and housing costs on Financial Aid.  This will ultimately be a large sum of money to pay off and honestly, every dollar I am given that will not be added to my overwhelming debt is a massive burden off my shoulders.  This scholarship is a relief and has removed stress from my load already, and we all know how stressful medical school is on its own.

Picture of Mary Morse
Dr. Karl Stockhausen Memorial Scholarship
Mary Morse

It is an honor to receive the Dr. Karl Stockhausen Memorial Scholarship.  One of the primary reasons why people go into a career in medicine is because they want to help.  This was true for me when I became a physician assistant over ten years ago, and it remains true today.  This award will help support my family through the rest of medical school and will provide me with additional peace of mind as I shift into my final two years of school.  On behalf of me and my family, thank you.

Picture of Jacqueline Nicholas
Dr. Karl Stockhausen Memorial Scholarship
Jacqueline Nicholas

I am very excited and truly grateful to have received this scholarship!  It will definitely provide me with financial support during my clinical rotations.  Being in medical school and also being a parent, I need to budget, so I really appreciate the financial support during this part of my education.

Picture of Guillermo Reyes Martinez
AUC Howard Design Group Scholarship
Guillermo Reyes Martinez

I'm honored to have been chosen as the recipient for this year's award.  I knew this was going to be a highly competitive cycle, which is why this email caught me by surprise.  Among all of the highly qualified candidates, knowing that my work inside as well as outside this campus stood out, reassured me that I'm on the right path.  Thank you for supporting my academic career.

American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine Scholarship

Luna Emogene
Jessica Jahoda
Fadi Jamaleddin Ahmad
Kollin Kahler
Aissata Kaya
Sungyoung Lee

Yassin Nayel
Mandy Omoregie
Chyrisha Rucker
Isabella Seferoglou
Bushra Shehzad


Chamberlain University Scholarship Recipients

Picture of Amanda Anacleto
Chamberlain University Step Forward Scholarship
Amanda Anacleto

To the donors that made this scholarship possible, words cannot express the gratitude I have for you, your dedication to education, and your understanding of the struggles many go through in order to get an education.  Trying to be a mom, a nurse, and a student is even more overwhelming since my spouse has become ill.  This scholarship means I can dedicate more attention to my education.  Thank you so much for this.  You have no idea how much this means to me.


Picture of Teairra Purvis
Chamberlain University Step Forward Scholarship
Teairra Purvis

I am honored to have been selected as an Empower Scholarship recipient.  This will allow me to complete a semester without financial burden.  I will be able to focus on my coursework without the stress of working overtime to pay for school and I will be one step closer to becoming an extraordinary nurse.  Thank you!

Picture of Christian Hess
Julie A. McAfooes Memorial Scholarship
Christian Hess

This will have a profound effect on my family and I especially as clinicals begin and I have less time to earn finances to pay for school and feed my family.  This will enable me to continue with my goal to provide the kind of care my family has received when we need it most.  I want to be part of the solution in the lives of many families and individuals.  I think we change the world one family at a time.

Picture of Amanda Tessone
UPS Foundation Nursing Scholarship
Amanda Tessone

I am very honored to be the recipient for this award.  Receiving this scholarship will have a great impact on my education and for that I am forever thankful.  I chose this career path because I cared for my mother who had stage four glioblastoma.  I was inspired by all of the wonderful healthcare staff that helped her throughout her cancer journey until the time of her death.  After graduation I plan to go back to school and become a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner.

Picture of Umu Bayoh
Chamberlain Together Strong Columbus Scholarship
Umu Bayoh

This means everything to me and more!  This award has given me more zeal and motivation to keep pushing harder and not give up on my dreams.  I developed a passion for nursing when my mum was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer.  I lost her a year after her diagnosis.  When she died I said to myself that the only way I could keep her memory alive was to become a nurse so I could be a system of support for the people living with cancer and their families.  Thank you for supporting me through this journey and constantly pushing me one step closer toward my dream.

Picture of Crystal Birch
Chamberlain Together Strong Chicago Scholarship
Crystal Birch

Thanks to this scholarship I will be able to further my education and become the nurse I dreamed to be.  My education here at Chamberlain has been the best its ever been.  I never thought I'd be able to have a second chance at school let alone be awarded a scholarship.  As a full-time worker and single mother I don't always have the time to study how I would like, and this scholarship support helps me to take some time to focus more on studying.  Thank you again for your contribution toward my education.

Picture of Jocelyn Herrera
Susan Groenwald Nursing Leadership Scholarship
Jocelyn Herrera

After so many attempts to get into nursing school and not getting accepted I was ready to give up.  Then I got the amazing news from Chamberlain that I was accepted.  When I received the amount that I needed to pay I started to stress out and asked for more hours.  This scholarship is really going to help me this summer semester.  I am able to focus more on my studies and I can work less.  Thank you so much!

Picture of Jasmine Hodge
Susan Groenwald Nursing Leadership Scholarship
Jasmine Hodge

I am currently a National Registered Emergency Medical Technician and I chose to become a nurse to continue my love and dedication in helping others in need.  Utilizing my previous studies in Criminal Justice and time spent as a 9-1-1 dispatcher, I plan on using my degree to become a Forensic Nurse.  I want to help all males and females with either acute or long-term health concerns from being victimized or accused of victimization.

Picture of LakeShia Jones
Susan Groenwald Nursing Leadership Scholarship
LakeShia Davis Jones

I am truly blessed and so thankful for this amazing opportunity.  There was a time that I was about to give up because of my financial situation, and then I received an email and regained all of my hopes and dreams.  Thank you so much.  This means so much to me.

Picture of Paula Pizano
Susan Groenwald Nursing Leadership Scholarship
Paula Pizano

The meaning behind the Susan Groenwald Leadership Scholarship is to 'help the students who exhibit a strong desire to succeed despite personal hardships' and it speaks to me because I have overcome many hardships to be where I am today.  Without them I would not have this drive to get to the finish line.  Thank you for helping me get to that finish line!

Susan Groenwald Nursing Leadership Scholarship

Keshawn Butler
Tadesse Kassa

Picture of Ashley Barsic
Chamberlain University Empower Scholarship
Ashley Barsic

Thank you does not seem enough to describe the gratitude I have for receiving this scholarship.  Being a working single mom and trying to juggle life along with pursing my dream of becoming a nurse becomes stressful at times.  This scholarship will alleviate some of that stress and for that I cannot say thank you enough.

Picture of Bethany Davis
Chamberlain University Empower Scholarship
Bethany Davis

Receiving this award means everything to me!  I truly believe that nursing is a ministry.  I chose nursing to nurture those in need.  If I can help someone along the way in any capacity I know that I have fulfilled my purpose.  Receiving this scholarship has given me the financial stability to successfully complete this program and I look forward to serving my community!

Picture of Ena Lacy
Chamberlain University Empower Scholarship
Ena Lacy

I have always had a passion for people and felt nursing was a natural calling.  This profession allows me to combine my gifts, challenge my intellect and fulfill my desire to give back to the community.  I have served in numerous leadership capacities and look forward to evolving the profession as a practicing DNP while educating the future nurses of tomorrow.  I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to all who contributed to this scholarship.  Thank you for your generosity.

Picture of Natalie Renteria
Chamberlain University Empower Scholarship
Natalie Renteria

This award means so much to me because I often forget that I am capable of greatness and success.  This scholarship has lifted a huge financial burden off of me and I'm incredibly grateful.  I feel empowered and unstoppable.  Financial disparity has always been a barrier for me and knowing that I have one less thing to worry about has given me momentum to keep pursing my professional endeavors.

Chamberlain University Empower Scholarship

Erika Roman

Kathleen Modene Memorial Scholarship

Synquis Walden

Chamberlain University Scholarship

Leslie Ayala
Salamuatu Bah
Camelia Bass
Amber Battaglia
Jasmine Beebe
Yohana Berhe
Techa Bryant
Anna Buckner
Trisha Campbell
Victoria Cashwell
Cierra Clarke
Ashley Clothier
Sasha Dacosta-Chambers
Lexa Davee
Amber Davis
Meliame DePhillippo
Angelica Diwa
Diamond Dorsey
Cherilyn Doss
Natalia Dzienniak 
Stacie Edwards 
Sarah Foster
Kiera Francis
Margaret Furnas
Lori Golbek
Christina Gordon-Odihili
Randi Hawkins

Veronica Herrejon
Jasmine Higa
Nia Hunt
Esther Isong
Samuel Johnson
Ragan Johnson
Cynthia Jones
Aspen Jump
Ashley Katta
Christopher Kautoke
Ruba Khalifeh
John Kozlowski
Chelsea Little
Melissa Miller
Tiffany Monroe
Melisa Nelson
Adriana Perez Hernandez
Joel Pope
Tamekia Russell
Sabrina Sabry
Amanda Seymore
Latasha Stevens
Dalton Trull
Ashley Turcic
Janel Venegas
Bailee Walsh
Michael Zielinski

Ross University School of Medicine Scholarship Recipients

Picture of Dre-Quan Lee
RUSM Howard Design Group Scholarship
Dre-Quan Lee

Often times I hear people say there isn't help out there, but this award shows that there is help and people that still care about investing in one's education.  I will always have people to thank for my accomplishments and receiving this financial scholarship is part of that.  I will graduate in 2025 and become the best physician that I know how to be.  Thank you for enabling this opportunity!  My gratitude to your contribution toward my success is immeasurable.

Picture of Brittany Morgan
Ross University School of Medicine Scholarship
Brittany Morgan

I truly thank you for investing into students so that they may further their education while also lessening the financial burden of professional schooling.  I am so grateful to be a recipient and look forward to becoming a physician with the means and resources to invest in the next generation of students.  Your generosity is much appreciated and your contribution will be put to great use.

Picture of Niosha Price
Ross University School of Medicine Scholarship
Niosha Price

Receiving this award reminds me that I am headed in the right direction.  It shows me that people are invested in the development of competent physicians.  I chose this career path because I enjoy having accurate knowledge to share with others in the hopes of enabling them to better themselves.  Thank you for investing in my potential and seeing my vision for the health of those around me.

Ross University School of Medicine Scholarship

Joshua Amalraj
Ankita Ansal
Afopefoluwa Awosika
Yasmin Fazli
Shanna Hutchins
Jasmine Jones
Raven Lewis

Rosetta Loeser
Luke Parker
Danays Perera
Luz Perez
Sabrina Sahi
Chanel Thomas

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine Scholarship Recipients

Picture of Christopher Versch
Dr. Lanse T. Fox Memorial Scholarship
Christopher Versch

I am so very honored to be awarded this scholarship.  Thank you for reaffirming that I am in the right place on the long journey of obtaining a DVM, and that I am making a positive impact on the lives of pets, clients, and colleagues alike.  This scholarship is special as it honors Dr. Lanse T. Fox, a Rossie, who like many of us, dedicated his life to helping all animals, including human beings.  I will strive to work as Dr. Fox did, and continue our pursuit of educating clients, healing patients and protecting the veterinary profession.

Picture of Tyler Oxley
Dr. Michael Zareski Memorial Scholarship
Tyler Oxley

Thank you to the family of Dr. Michael Zareski for choosing me.  Receiving this award is a big help in combatting the massive amount of student debt I'm facing.  I am very grateful to have been selected for such an honor and hope to make y'all proud during my clinical year and beyond.

Picture of Peyton Mart
Dr. Arlene Rodriguez Veterinary Scholarship
Peyton Mart

Having received this award further instills the passion & dedication I have to become a veterinarian.  Not only does this award provide me with financial aid, but it helps validate my visions for my future, as I plan to pursue a residency in anesthesiology or surgery post-graduation.  To have reassurance from people like Dr. Arlene Rodriguez further validates that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, pursuing a career that I have talked about since I was young.

Picture of Patricia Fawley
RUSVM Alumni Action Council Scholarship
Patricia Fawley

This scholarship will help put some of my financial constraints at ease as a veterinary student.  Everyone knows that the cost of a DVM is really an investment into our futures and this will help lighten that burden of some of those costs post-graduation.  I chose veterinary medicine because I feel that I can help and be of service to those that need it.

Picture of Nicole Schott
Dr. Michael Buedel Veterinary Scholarship & Heartland Veterinary Partners Scholarship
Nicole Schott

It is an honor to be chosen for this scholarship and words cannot describe how grateful I am.  Any contribution is a huge help and in this case, the significant award from the scholarship will be extremely helpful in reducing my educational debt.  Becoming a veterinarian and incorporating rehabilitation has always been a dream of mine and I aspire to provide services that will advance any animal's health and happiness.

Picture of Christy Daugherty
Heartland Veterinary Partners Scholarship
Christy Daugherty

Receiving this award is extremely encouraging and validating to me.  It proves to me that my hard work really can pay off and that the time, energy and thought I put into fulfilling the scholarship requirements was worth it.  Calling my mom and telling her that I won a scholarship made me feel so proud because she has been doing everything she can to keep my student debt low.

Picture of Jessica Kaydk
Heartland Veterinary Partners Scholarship
Jessica Kadyk

Receiving this award has given me more determination and confidence that I will use to pursue by education.  I am relieved that my financial burden has been reduced and encouraged to continue applying myself.  I look forward to giving back to my community upon graduation and I'm excited to be in a position to help others as this scholarship has helped me.

Picture of Mariana Leiva
Heartland Veterinary Partners Scholarship
Mariana Leiva

My passion for nurturing the human and animal relationship is what drove me to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine and with this award, I am one step closer to achieving my lifelong dream.  I am truly honored and grateful to represent Ross University and the LatinX community as one of the Heartland Veterinary Partners scholarship recipients.  This award not only validates all my hard work but offers me encouragement and motivation to keep pursuing my dream.  Success takes help so thank you Heartland Veterinary Partners for your generous financial support.

Picture of Martina Williams
Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine Scholarship
Martina Williams

I am incredibly ecstatic and grateful to have been selected to receive this award.  It is nearly impossible to put into words what this means to me.  I can now worry less about my finances and I can put more energy into becoming the best veterinarian possible for my future patients.  The financial strain of veterinary school has been immense, and to have some of that stress relieved is an amazing privilege and blessing that I do not take lightly.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for believing in me and my abilities.

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine Scholarship

Javier Ayala
Keegan McElroy
Hung Ti Pan
Nicholle Ross
Ashton Sellers

Lindsey Takacs
William Tsai
Courtney Westover
Vivian Wong

Walden University Scholarship Recipients

Picture of Barclay Murphy
Walden University Education for Good Scholarship
Barclay Murphy

As a military widow, this award means I can complete my education!  I wanted to make a positive difference in the world.  I plan to work on sustainable Public Policy to help keep the world healthy.  Having my PhD will open doors I never thought possible.  I am grateful.

Picture of Brandy Nettles
Walden University Education for Good Scholarship
Brandy Nettles

This award means to me that others recognize the hard work and dedication I have invested in not only my educational journey, but into my children so they can bear witness to their mothers rise from the ashes of divorce, sacrifice and perseverance.  I have never allowed my vision of this goal to fade so that other women who identify with my experiences can know that a survivor is able to accomplish meaningful victories despite trauma, setbacks and scary life transitions that make you feel you are not sure you can make it through.  I am truly honored and inspired by this award to continue being ME!

Picture of Chukwuemaka Okpom
Walden University Education for Good Scholarship
Chukwuemaka Okpom

Receiving this award means everything to me.  It will give me some financial leverage by lowering part of my tuition, giving me more time to focus on my studies and take an additional class.  It will also help reduce my work overtime, giving me more time to spend with my family.  I chose my career path because of my childhood and work experiences in Nigeria.  My goal after graduation is to bring positive social change in underserved communities, reducing the inequalities and inequities in our health care system.

Walden University Education for Good Scholarship

Babatunde Akindeji
Mildred Batts
Jaylene Callister
Emily Church
Anthony Garber
Frances George
Sarah Lapp
Mary Lee
Shanshan Lin
Brandy Mahoney
Jasmine Maiden
Sharion Marshall

Lorna Mason
Esther Maynard
Danielle McCallum
Eudora Mordi
Ashley Morrison
Akinwale Obatayo
Andy Pierre
Holly Trask
LaTia Watson
Angela White
Jamal Williams