American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine Scholarship Recipients

picture of Samuel Aiken
Dr. Karl Stockhausen Memorial Scholarship
Samuel Aiken

Receiving this scholarship is a true blessing as it signifies not only the recognition of my academic achievements but also the acknowledgment of the challenges I have faced and the dedication I have shown to my studies.  Your belief in my potential and investment in my education inspire me to continuously strive for excellence and to reach for new heights.  Your philanthropy is not only changing lives but also empowering individuals to create a positive change in the world.

picture of Alexandria Lauray
Dr. Karl Stockhausen Memorial Scholarship
Alexandria Lauray

I am beyond words with excitement at receiving the Dr. Karl Stockhausen Memorial Scholarship!  From my apex of my myocardium, I want to thank you for this opportunity!  This scholarship not only serves as financial assistance in pursuing my goal of becoming a physician, but it also provides me the encouragement to continue, knowing that Empower believes in my dreams as much as I do!  I hope one day I will be able to stand as a mentor for those like me.

picture of Meghan Mangal
Dr. Karl Stockhausen Memorial Scholarship
Meghan Mangal

I am very honored and thankful to be awarded the Dr. Karl Stockhausen Memorial Scholarship.  I am grateful for your belief and support.  Receiving this scholarship reminds me about the importance of education and community.  As a physician, I hope to one day give back to my community and help mentor the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Picture of Jacqueline Nicholas
Dr. Karl Stockhausen Memorial Scholarship
Jacqueline Nicholas

Thank you so much for choosing me (again) to be a recipient of this fabulous scholarship and to be honored by receiving an award in Dr. Stockhausen's name.  Karl undoubtedly put his gifts, talents, and passions into his work and his undertakings.  He was always a very bright light shining and illuminating for others.  I will keep his spirit and passion in mind in my medical pursuits.  Thank you again.

picture of Chyrisha Rucker
Dr. Karl Stockhausen Memorial Scholarship
Chyrisha Rucker

I am honored to become a Dr. Karl Stockhausen Memorial Scholarship Recipient!  When I think of what type of physician I want to be or what type of care that I want to provide, my thoughts are directly focused on becoming a physician for underserved peoples with limited healthcare access and vulnerable populations in my own backyard and around the world. Thank you for positively contributing to my future in medicine!

Picture of Diane Salem
Dr. Karl Stockhausen Memorial Scholarship
Diane Salem

I am truly honored and humbled to be an Empower Scholarship recipient!  Often times it is difficult to trust yourself and recognize your progress in such a rigorous path as medicine.  I feel propelled to have faith in myself, continue serving my community, and spreading goodness.  

picture of Thanh Vu
Dr. Karl Stockhausen Memorial Scholarship
Thanh Vu

Thank you so much for considering and granting me this wonderful gift.  I have read Dr. Stockhausen's story and his indomitable spirit moved me a lot.  Time and time again he never gave up on his dream.  His story inspires me as I struggle with ADHD and a broken clavicle.  I can't express enough thankfulness for this generosity.  Hopefully one day I can pay it forward to the next generation.

Chamberlain University Scholarship Recipients

picture of Viviana Taberes-Ellertson
Fred and Kay Krehbiel Nursing Scholarship
Viviana Tabares-Ellertson

I chose this career path because of my children.  They both have a genetic mutation that required them to have heart transplants.  Over the years I have crossed paths with some nurses and doctors that have not had the best bedside manner, and due to that, I told myself that if one day I were in that position, things would be different.  I want to be the person comforting a patient when they are facing life-changing decisions; to hold their hand to let them know they are not alone; to just listen and let them cry without judgment.  I look forward to making a difference one patient at a time. 

picture of Daquan Findlay
AORN Nursing Scholarship
Daquan Findlay

I have been struggling to pay my tuition since I started the Nursing program.  Through hard work and dedication I was able to maintain my grades and apply for multiple scholarships.  I want to thank all those who contributed and for allowing me an opportunity to succeed.  This scholarship will alleviate some of the pressure and stress for the upcoming session regarding my tuition.  I always wanted to be a nurse, now I am closer than ever before.

picture of Noemi Mendoza
Kathleen Modene Memorial Scholarship
Noemi Mendoza

Receiving the Kathleen Modene Memorial Scholarship holds immense personal value, as it validates my efforts, boosts my confidence and opens doors of opportunity.  The recognition and support I receive will significantly impact my education by providing financial aid and the chance to inspire others.  I am immensely grateful for this honor and excited to see its positive impact on my educational journey.

picture of Sandra Pratt
Julie A. McAfooes Memorial Scholarship
Sandra Pratt

This award is very meaningful to me, as it will allow me to focus more on my education and feel less financial pressure to work extra shifts while I am completing my Doctorate.  I chose this career path because I have a passion for helping others.  My goals after graduation are to continue working in the area of Palliative Care and to work on research in some of the chronic illnesses that my patients are experiencing.

picture of Jasmine Allen
Susan Groenwald Nursing Leadership Scholarship
Jasmine Allen

Receiving this scholarship means so much to me.  This is my second nursing program.  My old program closed down a few months before I finished.  I was devastated, but I knew I had to continue.  I had to basically start over, but I will achieve my dreams.  This scholarship will help me do that as I am running out of aid.  Thank you for helping me towards my dream of being a nurse.

picture of Symya Norwood
Susan Groenwald Nursing Leadership Scholarship
Symya Norwood

Receiving this nursing scholarship is an absolute game-changer for me as a nursing student.  It validates all the hard work, late-night study sessions, and sacrifices I have made to pursue my passion for nursing.  The impact it will have on my education is enormous.  It is not just about the money - it is a sign of belief in my potential and a testament to my dedication.  I am truly grateful for this opportunity and committed to seizing it fully, striving for excellence in my education, and becoming the best nurse I can be.

picture of Dominique Tyrell
Susan Groenwald Nursing Leadership Scholarship
Dominique Tyrrell

I would like to send out a huge thanks to all of the donors that have allowed me to continue my education because of this scholarship.  I am a mom to five wonderful boys and decided that I wanted to show them that they can set their minds to anything and be whoever they want to be.  I decided I wanted to become a nurse because of the amazing nurses I had in my deliveries with my boys.

picture of Fanta Wreh
Susan Groenwald Nursing Leadership Scholarship
Fanta Wreh

I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation for your belief in my potential as a nursing leader.  Nursing has always been my passion, and this scholarship will allow me to pursue my dreams with renewed determination and focus.  Your support has not only reaffirmed my commitment to this profession, but has also empowered me to embrace the challenges that lie ahead.  Thank you for this incredible opportunity.

picture of Crystalyn Bell
Chamberlain University Scholarship
Crystalyn Bell

As a full-time worker and single mother, this relieves me from financial stress and grants me the ability to focus more on my studies.  After conquering breast cancer, I decided to step out in faith and become a nurse.  I want to provide the same comfort and hope my nurses gave me in my journey.  My goal after graduation is to provide quality care to patients at the same hospital that helped me through my cancer journey.  

picture of Natalie Bishop
Chamberlain University Scholarship
Natalie Bishop

The Chamberlain University Award means the world to me.  My whole family celebrated with me when I got the news!  I'm writing this as I'm about to start a new session and this morale boost is exactly what I needed to push me to new heights.  The apprehension I had been feeling about this upcoming session and how to afford it has been turned into excitement for my courses.  Caring for people has always been my passion.  Helping people heal/maintain their health is the thing that makes my heart sing.

picture of Edwin Reid
Chamberlain University Scholarship
Edwin Reid

My career path was chosen a long time ago when I joined the Navy and knew that I wanted to help people.  I took an enlisted job as a hospital corpsman and after almost 20 years of faithful service I am ready to further my education and responsibility as a nurse in the Navy upon graduating.  Your generosity has given me the opportunity to further my education and pursue my goals.  Thank you for investing in my future and making a positive difference in my life.

Chamberlain University Scholarship

Patricia Baraza
Jana Bauer
Raefe Bazzi
Anna Benkovski
Hope Berner
Emma Birchmeier
Natalie Bishop
Amaris Brown
Trinessa Brown
Julie Collins
Sofia Contreras
Juan Cortes-Fontcuberta
Amy Cristo
Hannah Cunningham
Belinda Cushwa
Anh Do
Engie Docteur
Estella Doroshuk
Mohammed Duais
Amber Fiedler
Aliya Forcer
Evangeline Forrest
Joshua Frodelius-Bolin
Alicia Galindo
Naomi Garriga
Sara Girmay
Ashley Green
Tyler Gregory
Jasmine Hodge
Shannon Johnson
JaKarla Jones
DaJaun Lipscomb
Lydia Marsh
Kia Martin
Lovona Martin
Jonesha Mathis
Kizito Mbaekwe
Jacquelita Mims
Tamisha Moye
Leela Neupane
Kristi Newcomb
Sharonda Newcombe
Tanya Odems
Lesley Oquendo
Jennifer Ramos
Edwin Reid
Kimberly Roman Euriostegui
Kelene Rousey
Hulda Saint-Fleur
LaToya Shanks
Carolyn Standiford
Janet Taylor
Shamira Tellis
Valerie Villegas
Davina Watercutter
Kiauna Wells
Phyllis Whaley
Donna Whittle
Jessica Wilson

Ross University School of Medicine Scholarship Recipients

picture of Zachary Petrucci
RUSM Alumni Association Scholarship
Zachary Petrucci

This journey through Medical School is a long one, and it is support like this that helps me and encourages me as I reach my goals.  To know that there are alumni that recognize my hard work and understand the dream that I am working towards has a huge impact on my experience.  I look forward to the day when I can join you as a fellow alumnus to help the next generation in the same way that you are helping me today.  Thank you.

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine Scholarship Recipients

Picture of Tyra Eggert
Dr. Michael Zareski Memorial Scholarship & Banfield Scholarship
Tyra Eggert

This award is not only helping fund my veterinary medicine education, but it helps instill confidence in me as a student.  I had a lot of doubts about attending veterinary school, and the extremely high loans needed for it stopped me from pursuing my dreams for a couple of years.  Loans have been and will continue to be the most stressful thing about attending veterinary school, but receiving awards, such as this one, help make me feel confident that I made the right decision.

picture of Sidharth Paul
Dr. Lanse T. Fox Memorial Scholarship & Banfield Scholarship
Sidharth Paul

It is a privilege to be chosen for these awards and I feel blessed.  This means a great deal to me and will help tremendously in my career.  I have wanted to be a veterinarian since I can remember.  These generous scholarships will help me achieve my goal of becoming a vet and taking care of animals in need.  I plan to work in shelter medicine so I am able to help animals that are often overlooked.

picture of Taylor Thoeny
Dr. Michael Buedel Veterinary Scholarship
Taylor Thoeny

I have always been interested in medicine - as a young girl, I dreamt of becoming a physician.  It wasn't until I was in high school and had a veterinarian speak to one of my classes that I became interested in veterinary medicine.  From there I started working on a farm and initially became interested in working as a production animal veterinarian.  It wasn't until I started getting small animal experience in preparation for veterinary school that I found my niche.  Now my goal is to work in small animal emergency and critical care and volunteer with non-profit organizations.

Picture of Annika Johnson
Heartland Veterinary Partners Scholarship
Annika Johnson

I am very thankful to the Heartland team for choosing me for this award.  It is great to see veterinary companies investing in the education of future vets and helping to ease the financial burden in this doctorate.  I feel incredibly grateful and privileged to get the opportunity to earn the title of doctor.  Right now I am most interested in small animal emergency, but I'm keeping a very open mind for my last year of vet school!

picture of Grace Pechman
Kremer Veterinary Strategies Telehealth Scholarship
Grace Pechman

My family swears my first words were "kitty cat".  I don't believe that, but they say it was an omen for the path I was meant to take in life.  I cannot remember a time where I didn't want to be a veterinarian, except for hoping to be a professional princess in kindergarten.  I look forward to the day when people trust me to care for their pets.  I particularly wish to serve animals and the community (especially the deaf/hard-of-hearing) in an emergency clinic as a board-certified veterinarian.  The passion and excitement that I feel as I look forward to hearing "Dr. Pechman" helps me work hard in vet school so that I can be the best veterinarian that I know I will be.

picture of Kaylee Kalilimoku
Heartland Veterinary Partners Scholarship
Kaylee Kalilmoku

It is no secret that this profession comes with a high amount of debt.  This award will help to lessen the stress and burden of debt that I am facing.  I am grateful to have been able to share my goals of becoming the best advocate I can be for our pets.  This award helps reaffirm my desire to keep seeking more information that I can use to help my future patients.  Thank you for being a catalyst in my DVM journey.

picture of Kelsey Kay
Heartland Veterinary Partners Scholarship
Kelsey Kay

I have struggled with health issues throughout my adult life.  I was diagnosed with a rare disease that many doctors don't know much about.  Animals cannot speak up for themselves and after learning what if feels like to be misunderstood when it comes to your health, I want to be their voice and be the one to speak up for their needs.  All animals deserve proper medical care and I am happy to help expand the animal medical field.

picture of Cara Vogel
Heartland Veterinary Partners Scholarship
Cara Vogel

I am extremely grateful to Heartland Veterinary Partners for recognizing my hard work and the potential I show in this amazing field.  I have always prided myself on working hard to earn a living and support myself, which is difficult while also attending such a rigorous and accelerated program.  This award will allow me to continue working towards my goals to make a positive impact on animal health and well-being, while also lessening my financial burdens.

picture of Jiashi Feng
RUSVM Alumni Action Council Scholarship
Jiashi Feng

This scholarship not only provides me with financial support, but also motivates me to continue to strive for excellence and represent Rossies to the best of my ability.  I promise to make the most of this opportunity and use what I learn at RUSVM to make a positive impact on the veterinary medicine community.  Thanks you for your support and for believing in me!

Walden University Scholarship Recipients

picture of Leara Glinzak
Walden School of Counseling Empower Scholarship
Leara Glinzak

This award means someone sees my value, dedication and persistence in adversity and supports me - I am incredibly grateful to have this support in my educational pursuits.  It is encouragement to keep me going.  I am passionate about art therapy and counseling and my goals are to help educate people on the difference between using art in counseling and working with an art therapist.  Both are important and it's essential that we understand one another's scope of practice to better serve people's needs.

picture of Shane Brock and her grandmother
Walden University Education for Good Scholarship
Shanae Brock

I took care of my grandmother who had dementia and other illnesses.  I nurtured her, loved her, and researched every resource to keep her home with me while she went through her illness.  She passed away and I promised I'd help as many people as I could who didn't have the support she did.  My goal is to continue my education to obtain my masters and then finish with my clinical so I'm able to provide services and help more people.

picture of Issac Dumay
Walden University Education for Good Scholarship
Issac Dumay

I was considering being a part-time student this year due to financial challenges before I received this scholarship.  I could not be more thrilled.  I now can continue as a full-time student and get one step closer to achieving my academic goals.  There were times when my dream of pursuing a higher education seemed impossible, but the financial assistance you have provided has helped tremendously.  Your investment in my future goals will not be forgotten.

picture of Erin Grant
Walden University Education for Good Scholarship
Erin Grant

Thank you for your gratitude and generosity.  You have provided an opportunity for me to continue my education without the worry of financial instability precluding my success.  As a single mother furthering my education means that I can not only do more for vulnerable populations, but I can also be in a better position to provide for my son.  Thank you for being a part of helping me to change lives; in the process you have changed mine.

picture of Christina Marcott
Walden University Education for Good Scholarship
Christina Marcott

As a nursing student with a passion for psychiatric care, this scholarship will have a significant impact on my education, helping me to achieve my dream of becoming a licensed psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.  The financial burden of pursuing higher education can be overwhelming, and this scholarship will help alleviate some of the financial stress.  Thank you for supporting my dreams and helping me to make a difference in the world.

Walden University Education for Good Scholarship

Loretta Bhadsavle
Natasha Brabson
Vanessa Campos
Latoya Evans
Samantha Ewals
Denise Frelot
Crystal Gonzalez
Misty Knight
Justina Knowles
Loren Manning
Jolene Mayfair
Wadner Molina
Alissa Montanez
Jessica Morton
Anna Palmquist
Airreia Pierce
Cassandra Pugh
Samantha Robinson
Elizabeth Sanchez
Elizabeth Sass
Lexie Schulz
Sima Sokoloff
Sherry Wilson
Julie Wright