American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine - Scholarship Recipients

Ayobami Ajay
American University of the Caribbean Scholarship
Ajayi Ayobami, Class of '25

“My choice of a career in medicine is deeply rooted in the strong desire to make an impact in the lives of people around me.  Medicine is a calling that has been nurtured by personal experiences and a relentless pursuit of addressing healthcare disparities.”

Jacqueline DeMarco
Dr. Karl Stockhausen Memorial Scholarship
Jacqueline DeMarco, Class of '26

“My decision to pursue a career in medicine was influenced by my family, specifically my mother's dedication for caring for my brother, who faced brain damage and mental illness since childhood.  After graduation, I plan to return to my hometown, where there is a great need for mental health specialists. I hope to make a positive impact on my community by providing care for those who currently lack access."

American University of the Caribbean Scholarship

American University of Caribbean School of Medicine Scholarship

Ayobami Ajayi
Abdulrahman Baghdadi


Dr. Karl Stockhausen Memorial Scholarship 

Anchal Chopra
Jacqueline DeMarco


Tatiana Duggan
Greta Haxhiu



Tsolaye Ugbeye

Chamberlain University - Scholarship Recipients

Jairo Monjaraz
AORN Nursing Scholarship
Jairo Monjaraz, Class of '24

“The reason I chose nursing is because growing up I loved helping people to get the care they needed. For example, being a part of the LGBTQ community, I am blessed to see the viewpoints from their stance when the topic of HIV comes around. Knowing that they are people with feeling, I want to educate and make them feel special."

Victoria Malatesta
Susan Groenwald Nursing Leadership Scholarship
Victoria Malatesta, Class of '24

"This career path is not just a profession for me; it is a calling shaped by my early experiences and sustained by my commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.  I am eager to continue this journey and contribute positively to the healthcare community."

Camille Henry
Chamberlain University Scholarship
Camille Henry, Class of '27

"Finding this program at Chamberlain was a saving grace because it allows me to still keep my job (which is very necessary) and also gives me the time to be there for my kids. I think nursing is such an important job and nurses really seem to be the backbone of the medical profession. Ultimately, I would love to become a CRNA. This is because I would love to be there for people in what I believe is one of their most vulnerable states. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as [Empower] has helped me."

Chamberlain University Scholarship

Angela Akotor
Ashton Alexander
Igra Ali
Jasmine Allen
Kimberley Alvey
Kawme Amo-Mensah
Jerry Brown
Jazmin Cascante
Natalie Cheung
Julie Collins
Maureen Defonce
Nnoso Duru
Danelle Eckeard
Lauren Fram
Madelyn Garcia
Zoey Gleason-Pina
Arthur Goldsborough

Latoya Gray
Yatta Gray
Tonya Hall
Catrina Henderson
Camille Henry
Goodluck Ibeh
Trisha Jenkins
Sofiya Kot
Madison Magnafici
Ana Misseldine
Maria Mougoue
Megan Murphy
Kendra Muse
Suzan Nambi
Ava Nikouee Nejad
Brittany Nunes

Fortune Nwachukwu
Winnie Nyamapfumba
Jennifer Ortiz
Tram Pham
Lindsay Repass
Veronica Rodriguez
Courtney Rogan
Shannon Sands
Cynthia Santana
Heather Sapp
Veronica Schwarting
Sarah Steger
Taelyr Stevenson
Egreta Stone
Diana Taku
Drica Vidal

AORN Nursing Scholarship

Loreal Moise
Jairo Monjaraz

Fred and Kay Krehbiel Nursing Scholarship

Isabel Almodovar

Julie A. McAfooes Memorial Scholarship

Erica Taney


Kathleen Modene Memorial Scholarship

Ellyauna Stephenson

Susan Groenwald Nursing Scholarship

Victoria Malatesta
Tatyana Marsaw
Deon Saygo
Silvia Zelaya


Ross University School of Medicine Scholarship Recipients

Ngozi Ugboh 1
RUSM Alumni Council Scholarship
Ngozi Ugboh, Class of '24

"My interest in medicine began when I was 10 years old.  I liked going to my pediatrician for a checkup.  At that age, I was amazed by everything I saw my doctor perform.  As I grew older, my appreciation for medicine grew with me.  I came to understand that pursuing a career as a medical doctor is one of the most challenging journeys that I will undertake.  I hope to become the kind of physician that people are excited to see and who patients trust to deliver the best care possible."

Ross University School of Medicine Scholarship

Abdulhamid Abdalla
Opemipo Dosumu
Ewomamobuho Eto
Chioma Mbionwu

RUSM Alumni Association Scholarship

Ngozi Ugboh


Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine Scholarship Recipients

Libdary Ellis
Banfield Scholarship
Libdary Ellis, Class of '24

“Receiving this esteemed award holds profound significance for both myself and my mother, who has tirelessly supported my education as a first-generation college student and American.  Her unwavering belief in me has been the cornerstone to my journey.  This scholarship symbolizes the culmination of years of dedication and the beginning of my veterinary career."

Madison Cole
Heartland Veterinary Partners Scholarship
Madison Cole, Class of '24

“Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a veterinarian. I have known nothing else; it just feels like I was born for this career. My goals after graduation are to complete an internship and residency to specialize in food animal medicine and surgery and serve the rural underserved areas of the US."

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine Scholarship

Hannah Domsy
Danica Heck

Dr. Lanse T. Fox Memorial Scholarship

Rachele Tremblay

Banfield Scholarship

Libdary Ellis
Yasmine Lyons

Dr. Michael Buedel Scholarship

Zhen Lin

Dr. Michael Zareski Memorial Scholarship

Vibushitha Logeswaran

Heartland Veterinary Partners Scholarship

Madison Cole
Serenity Mallon
Alexandria Rogers
Amber Scotty

Walden University Scholarship Recipients

Toni Alicia Linton
Walden University Education for Good Scholarship
Toni Alicia Linton, Class of ‘24

“I am passionate about advocating for victims of intrafamilial sexual abuse and effecting positive change in the legal and social systems that surround this issue.  With the support of the Empower Scholarship Fund, I am able to dedicate myself fully to my dissertation research.  Your support has empowered me to pursue my passions with renewed vigor and determination."

Olufolake Akeju
Walden University Education for Good Scholarship
Olufolake Akeju, Class of ‘24

“I chose a career path in Doctor of Public Health because it aligns with my passion for improving public health outcomes and making a positive impact in my country, Nigeria.  I hope to contribute to the improvement of public health programs and policies in Nigeria, with a focus on addressing the maternal and child health needs. I am committed to upholding Walden University's core values of quality and integrity, and to embodying its mission of effecting positive social change." 

Walden Education for Good Scholarship

Olufolake Akeju
Kaitlyn Almond
Dora Akinfolarin
Vivian Aruwajoye
Japjit Atwal
Brook Bloms
Todd Colichia
Chandra Goodwin

Catrina Grant
Kandace Hall
Diane Huber
Bertha Iwugo
Matthew Jensen
David Johnson III
Shannon Knox
Marlyse Kuete

Jada LaBounty
Kattie Lail
Toni Alicia Linton
Ligia Rivera
McKayla Robinette
Ebony Sudduth
Latya Wells
Rowan Wicks